wasabi japonica rhizome ± 100 gr + free grater

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the Rhizome is about 100 grams, might be slightly less or more, we will keep you posted, first come first serve. we will of course try to get only 100 or more, but as the rhizomes get in from japan on sunday, the arrivals will decide how this will be balanced out.

wasabi japonica, fully edible plant of the family Brassicaceae, which also includes horseradish and mustard in other genera.The rhizome can take up to three years to reach maturity, and any breakage of the brittle leaves by farmworkers or animals can slow its growth. Given the stringent environmental requirements, wasabi is grown commercially mainly in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture, especially in the Izu Peninsula, and in Iwate and Nagano prefectures.


+ FREE GRATER (we tried to get some stainless for the shop but out of stock a this time, so we decided to offer you solution this way) ... getting the full taste out of your rhizome starts by a grater, by grating the fresh Wasabi rhizome on this plastic grater, the cell walls and cells are crushed, causing an essential enzyme from the cell wall to mix with sugars from the cells. The reaction that takes place is responsible for the aromatic, spicy flavor, with natural pungency and earthy sweetness that gives Wasabi its characteristic flavor.



  • we all know it goes well with your sushi and sashimi, and this has something to do with fattiness and wasabi just working very well together, and so one of our favorite ways to use the wasabi is with a (local and free range) piece of red meat ! or to use in meat or chicken marinades… 
  • as they say in Japan, the poor mans sashimi : avocado served as it was sashimi, with some wasabi and soy sauce, if you close your eyes you can easlily imagine eating some real fatty tuna
  • ‘wasabi don’, ricer with bonito flakes, wasabi and soy sauce, simple yet delicious.
  • wasabi based salad dressing, for example : wasabi, soy sauce, vinegar, salad oil, salt and pepper… you could also go for a yoghurt based dressing
  • wasabi mayonaise, which means you can also use it to make egg salad or some shrimp salad with the wasabi mayonaise, or just use the mayo on your salmon sandwich
  • to add to spicy kick to humus or guacamole
  • into mashed potatoes 
  • freshly grated on an oyster
  • Soba Noodles with Fresh Wasabi and sautéed vegetables (a Japanese version of Pasta Primavera)
  • Wasabi-infused vodka bloody mary (or grated and stirred)

there ar a lot of ways you can use the wasabi, be sure to let us know what good ways you discovered, or send us a picture in the stories so we can share it!



The rhizomes keep fresh for at least three weeks in the refrigerator. The quality is nearly completely unaffected if stored correctly.  Rhizomes stored properly can be used for two months or more. However, once it’s grated, the heat and flavor evaporate from the paste in about half an hour.  It has to do with breaking the cell walls (maceration).  Once the rhizome is grated and the cell walls broken, the heat and flavor are volatile.  Thus, the plant is both robust for storage, but delicate for serving; somewhat like wine.  It will keep for a long time, but once uncorked, it’s time to celebrate.

Wrap each individual rhizome in a wet paper towel and refrigerate in an open bowl or an open plastic vegetable bag.  Re-wet the paper towel every few days. If the Wasabi darkens, peel the outer layer lightly with a potato peeler (we prefer the back of a knife) before grating.  The cut areas will oxidize only superficially; the heat and flavor will remain unchanged under the oxidized layer.  The leaves and stems will keep fresh for one week in the refrigerator stored in the same way you would other fresh greens. 

Grate what will only be used within the next ½ hour.  Do not grate and store.  If this is necessary, we recommend to grate, put the paste into a ramekin and cover with plastic. 

Wasabi can be frozen, wrap the wasabi tightly in a wrap and freeze it entirely. When using it, the scent will be better if it is frozen and grated. On the contrary, if it is grated and frozen, the flavor will be lost and it will not be delicious.

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